Wrapped - Portraits

These two boys have me wrapped around their fingers. I have such a soft spot for the two of them. Again this was so much fun to just take them as they were. Felix had just woken up from his nap, which was just so sweet because I was able to grab him with his favourite things. He so attached to his blankie made by my Grandma and his, not just one but two identical lions! Oh they are just so handsome!! I'm in love.

Moon's - Family

Oh Jenny and Ryan! It was so fun to spend time with your family, and see the 'fun' Ryan again! These pics in the blankets are so sweet, fun, and gosh you guys are just too cute!! I'm so happy we finally got to do this! I can't wait to hear what Tanner thinks of the pics! He makes me feel like a rock star, cutest kid ever!


Sisters - Portrait

Sharon your girls are so full of life. It was so very nice to catch up and see you three again. Sooner or later I'm gonna have to meet your husband! In the mean time enjoy these bright eyes!


Larsen's - Family

This session makes me happy. I love my sisters smile, and that I can see her in everyone of these gorgeous kids! Bjorn you are a dedicated father and an awesome brother in law. I love seeing you all so happy together. This was a pleasure as always. I hope you can tell that from these images. It was especially fun to capture just the two of you, you make a great team!


More Muirhead's - Family

My Uncle Tom is a fantastic photographer. So when I was asked to do their family pictures, I couldn't help but be flattered! My Uncle Tom and Orlean are an often go to, for parental examples. Seven beautiful, well behaved children later and you can see why. I loved spending some one on 9 time with you all. I never get to do that, I was relishing in your family dynamic. I love you all!