Alexander Ford - Portraits

Alexander Ford is all about empowerment. I have to say that I really enjoyed our session. The conversation was intriguing and empowering. I have no doubt that Alexander is good at what he does!
I look forward to seeing where your company goes.



Christmas projects 2011

This Past christmas I enjoyed my 'Merry Christmas' banner so much, that I shared the love! I made one for my sweet little niece Lola and added some pom pom that I made (so much fun by the way!). And I also did one up for My other nieces Holly and Greta who share a room. You can see a pic from in their nursery below. Adorable with that sweet map print. My kids enjoyed the idea so much that Evan decided to make one for his teacher. He did every last blanket stitch by himself!!! SO impressed for a seven yr old boy.

 On actual Christmas morning the tree shone gloriously. It made me so happy to see the lights with all our ornaments lit up to tell the story of every christmas before. The kids on the stairs before opening. I made their christmas PJ pants and tried my hand at a nightgown for Vienna. I just love how they all turned out! I also made Housecoats for the kids and some hooded bath towels. (Vienna got a new full face helmet, which if you know my kids... she needs! And that's what she's wearing under that towel)
My Sis in law Katie made ME a quilt! Isn't it gorgeous!!! So much work! And so completely me! I was so thrilled to be surprised with such a treasure. I don't get many quilts made for me. This one sits so beautifully at the end of my bed. Thank you Katie for this gift!
 And I have the quilt that I made for my Sister for Christmas, still to come. I forgot to take pictures before giving it to her and so I have to steal it back for a quick shot or two. I really enjoyed making gifts this year I tried to keep it reasonable. I made a few other things but this was the bulk of it. Christmas prep was much more calm this year. What have all of you made?


Summer Giveaway with J.A.C. Photography - Portrait

Back in August or so, Jody of J.A.C. Photography and I set out to do a giveaway. With weather  schedules and a farmer's to battle it was a bigger deal then even we thought! It was so fun to work along side another talent and see things from a different perspective as a result. Jody has a great eye! This was so Fun! And the kids are adorable! So finally here are the results from our giveaway fairyland in the trees!