Malakai - Baby

Sweetness! I was so privileged to be able to dash down to Lethbridge and meet Malakai. It's such a privilege to peer into those moments in the first few days of a new babies life. It's just magical. Welcome to the family Malakai, you're amazing.



Merry Christmas - My Family

 Yesterdays snow day at home turned about a happy space in time to do these pictures I've been wanting/planing to do for months. I have realized that the light is so fleeting in the hours my children are home…… and Sunday's have been a needed day of rest…… so yesterday as I decided to keep them all home I immediately smiled, because I knew we would do this instead.
Admittedly it was much like many other times I have taken pics of my kids " I promise just ONE more" "We're almost done, just have fun with me". I did some without the lights too…. but the sparkling glow and those sweet smiles and giggles were too much to resist! I really have the best children. They are all so sweet in each their own way. They are making my holidays brighter this year, truly.

Love you kiddos.