Eden- Calgary Baby Photographer

I went into this baby/family shoot with a little anxiousness. This family just had the arrival of their SIXTH baby! What a pleasant surprise to find that these 6 kids, baby included were just the most cooperative bunch! Great parenting as far as I'm concerned. Taking each child's picture with baby Eden was the best part! They all love her so completely and genuinely and she's only a week old. That is what being a family is all about.


Auction for a cause

My friend Stephanie is very actively fighting the issue of child sex slavery. Their awareness is through Child Rescue. They are trying to raise money to send a few Alberta Police Officers for training in prevention and rescue of child slaves. This issue is unfortunately closer to our own backyards then we would like. Check out the AUCTION HERE for more info and see if you can help! I have offered up a family session (worth $200) with me! Go check it out!


Rainbows! - Calgary Child Photographer

These kids are beyond cute! I had so much fun taking pics with Hudson and Grace. Their Mom Heather has waited so patiently for this sneak peek, I'm sure there has been some blog stalking over the weekend! Thanks So much for letting me capture your munchkins. Enjoy.


Us again.

Remember these little kids? No? that's because I haven't done a personal blog in forever! So this is long over do, but better late then never.

Easter Morning we woke up happier then ever. Kent and I had just gotten home at 1 am from our trip to Mexico (more on that later) And had not seen the kids for a week. This is bringing up all kinds of emotions just thinking about it. First in came Seger. He curled in next to Kent and a few minutes later me, all while whispering sweetly, his triumphs and experiences while staying at my sisters for the last week. He let just one tiny little bit out at a time. I was home, and this was perfection. The others soon followed behind him until the bed was brimming over with our little family. Yes this was where I wanted to be.
I couldn't help but stop and snap a quick couple rushed pics of the kids in their new easter outfits, they all looked so handsome, and Vienna is always the cutest when she has a brand new dress on! She just walks around with such delight! Her hair was not as 'done' as I like, but at least they were all freshly bathed! I made Kent snap a couple with me as well. I decided I need to be a part of my kids' picture lives! I'm going to make that happen.
Simply, I love my family!
P.S. You may have noticed that Felix had a cast on his hand. Yup another broken bone for the books. Felix broke his thumb climbing the kitchen stool. He's all better now! He took it like a champ.


Jenn -Calgary Maternity Photographer

Jenn wanted to capture her pregnancy right close to the end, to catch a very true depiction of what her body does when growing a new life. This is Jenn's sixth baby. There is even a set of twins in the mix. Jenn you are stunning! With only a few weeks to go, you make this look easy! I can't wait to meet your newest addition, sure to be adorable.


Levi -Calgary Baby Photographer

This little guys Mom is a friend from my childhood. It was so fun to have things come full circle and be able to take pics of her newest addition. He's so handsome! And so tiny at just over 5lbs. Congratulations Chelsea, I hope we see more of each other! Enjoy!