The Henry's - Family

 The sun and sweet fresh green in these images is leaving me hopeful. The rain is doing us good. It's bringing about new life and making my garden flourish. The veggies will be up soon. Luckily for us this session was just before the man eating mosquitoes came to fruition! I hope everyone is enjoying family time waiting out the rain, and bursting outdoors when the sun breaks. Be happy.


MuirWoods - Personal

We visited Muirwoods while in California. Redwoods are mysteriously tall and awe inspiring. It is truly something to stand among such grander and to feel like a piece of the greater, bigger plan that our maker has in store for us. It was all the greater that it was in Muirwoods seeing as my maiden name is Muirhead and to be there with family. What really tipped the scales is seeing 'Kent Tree' marked on the map within Muirwoods. It felt just a little made to be! My Kent fits in amazingly well in my family. Sometimes I think they might like him better :) He truly is one of us!
Of course we were so appreciative of Conor and Katie for taking us there and loaning is jackets, as it's was quite chilly within the woods, especially for California! Kent and I had so much fun being Aunt and Uncle with none of our own to care for. It was nice to dedicate our attention to Greta and Holly and get to listen to each story and meet each request with eagerness!