Houston we have a problem

Don'r know why this one tilted but whatever!

Seger is one persistant little fellow! He normally is very laid back like his dad. Pretty calma nd cool with everything, however he has become a persistant thumb sucker despite my best efforts to deter him. I haven't exhausted all my options yet but I am gonna! i don't want a thumb sucker! You can't take a thumb away. But none the less he is still adorable! And as a side note he is really huge it is not just my imagination! He is already 17lbs and only 4 months old on christmas!! healthy Cranmer! We love it!


Katie said...

NOO! Do your best to stop the thumb sucking. Trust me. I was a thumb sucker. In the end I made my mom take away my favourite blankie because I would only suck my thumb if that was around. One day a while later I found it and felt pretty guilty when my mom found me sucking my thumb, or so the story goes. You'll save thousands (thumb sucking equals major ortho bills) if you get the kid to stop! Good luck Liz! You should post photos of Vienna's b-day.

DaddyO said...

I gotta see him in that jolly jumper.

mumovearls said...

awww he is so cute though! what a sweet chubby guy- ps I need your address send it my way-n