Recent Photoshoot

P.S. These pics are so much better large scale. So double click on them if you want a better idea!

This is my brother Nathan's family. His wife Daria and my handsom as ever Nephews, Dylan, Joshua, Brigham, and Noah! I did this photoshoot recently of them and well I have narrowed it down to 191 amazing shots! Here are a few of the highlights! We had a ton of fun despite it being a bit of a blustery cold winter day. I really enjoy capturing each of their personalities. You are one gorgeous group! I'm proud to call you family!
A kids view
Good looking dentist
love birds
'the way you look tonight'
who could resist
hot shoes!
Big Bro, Little Bro
I am due to have this baby at the beginning of June. But I am planning on booking some family shoots just before and probably about a month after. If anyone is interested, contact me for details by email at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com


The Howarth Family said...

Hey, so I was blog snooping and thought I would let you know that you are amazing! Seriously talented! When we are ready for another family photo shoot I will totally keep you in mind!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

LIZ!!! Having you take our family photos was a dream come true. It was so much fun and you were SO Pro! I loved every minute of it. Now I have the most gorgeous shots of my family, and we all know how hard they are to capture in one frame!! LOL!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful memories we'll cherish forever! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics. Eeek!! So exciting.

Katie said...

Great shots. I thought you had taken those.... if I'm showing enough when we visit I might need to spend an afternoon with you!

Ashley Dawn said...

Those are awesome Liz. Truly amazing. I can't wait to be back in Calgary...

Terri said...

Fabulous photos! You are definitely talented!

Sherri said...

Elizabeth, I hope you get relief soon!