We've got the Fever!

I guess that Spring cleaning fever skipped me this last year, or maybe I was just busy being over due and having my fourth baby! Anyways excuses excuses! Lucky me though the fever has hit, and it's not H1N1, but fall cleaning at our house. Even Kent has the fever so it really is quite perfect! Kent is working on getting the garge winter ready for me to park in and super organized! There are shelves, lots of them!!

We just got the Vanna unit from Ikea for our back entry. It's regularily $299.00 and I got it for $55 at their birthday sale. I stood in line and threw a few elbows, then enlisted the help of another lady just as desperate as I to get one of 16 shelves. I'm not necessarily proud of that, okay I kinda am! I got it!! Anyways it saved us a bundle and makes my backdoor look Bee-u-tiful! We are hanging hooks for the kids jackets at their height next and then we'll almost be organized back there. PICS TO COME!

I've also been sorting through bins of the kids clothes for hand me downs etc... as it turns out, not counting the clothes in their drawers, I have 8 bins of boys clothes alone!!! I still need to sort Vienna's from keepsake and giveaway (another 5 bins).

I have a whole bin of clothes to sell at the second hand store, and a garbage bag full of Kent and I's old shoes that have not been worn in years to donate!

Still on the list:

Make bags for kids to sort toys and hang hooks for bags
make blackout curtains for our master bedroom
Sort Girl clothes
Hang pics of my family
Finish organizing our office
make bench seat covers
Keep cleaning during all of that
and I am sure a million other things that will pop into my head as I go along!

How are you projects coming?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I too tired to do anything now...just reading all you have done and are about to do has worn me out. Good luck with all of your projects.
Auntie Anne

Deb said...

Impressive! i think spring cleaning has passed me by this year. Maybe next year :) I can't wait to see the pictures, I love storage solutions. We don't even have one ikea in New Zealand sadly, I wait in hope that we get one one day. Even if it is in Auckland, I would fly there to go there!!
Hugs deb xx

Sarah said...

I feel like I am constantly putting clothes away that are too small and finding new clothes that fit that are in season for my kids. And getting things ready to donate, too. Constantly. They just grow so fast! I love to clean and organize... if only my kids weren't undoing what I just did in the other room while I'm working on the next one...

Sarah said...

I am impressed too. Being stuck in the house for the past 2 weeks with the H1N1 type of FEVER made me go crazy with getting things tidy too, but I haven't hit the organizational stuff yet. Where do you sell your old clothes? I had 2 rubbermaids of just 0-6 month clothes that I gave to a friend, but I don't even want to see (or keep) what I have hanging around in closets. UGH!
And good job throwing elbows at IKEA! That's hilarious but what a deal!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I take my kids stuff to huckleberry kids in copperfield or to Once upon a child. You don't get a lot back for them, but something is better then nothing!

Tom Earl said...

Way too busy! I love you!

Alanna said...

Oh, I love it when THAT kind of fever hits. I wish it would come around more often. Doesn't it feel great? Good luck with all your projects. I'm a little swamped with some Christmas sewing projects and other projects I'm doing for my mom for Hayley's wedding. It's too bad you can't stop having to do dishes and laundry and dressing kids, etc. for a week, eh?

Ashley Dawn said...

Hooray!! I love cleaning fever (it really beats H1N1, trust me...) I've had it hit me in a big way too. I've actually started packing for the big move to Calgary (only 6 months left....haha).
Well done with getting so much done, and good luck keeping it up. It's SO awesome when your husband is on board too!