Baby Blues- Calgary Baby Photographer

Harrison, you and those baby blues had me in a happy mood! Oh this little boy has the milkiest skin! Thanks for toughing it out with me little guy. This session was fun with all kinds of help from my Son Evan Photographer in training. He had out his v-tech camera working all the angles! Super helper! Enjoy your peek.


Anonymous said...

Another great photo session Liz...these are pictures that the parents will cherish forever.

Love you lots you talented girl,
Auntie Anne

Christy said...

Super cute pictures of Harrison and Felix... 2 adorable little boys!

Barbara Myltschenko said...

Fastastic lighting! The 3rd one if my favourite.

Joelene said...

Oh my goodness! So sweet!! I especially love the shot on the red pillow! Great portraits!