Oh those Brows!- Calgary Baby Photographer

This little guy is my very newest friend! He smiled and pretended to know how to sit up, just for me! We did an in-prompt to shoot and boy I am glad that we did! Alanna, you have such handsome little boys, but this one, I have a major soft spot for! Enjoy your sneek!


Alanna said...

Oh, they are soooo cute Liz! I told you I'd be checking ALL the time!! Even Dustin likes them!! I can't pick a favorite, though. Is it bad that I really love the crying one? And of course both of the green chairs ones and the second one is great and okay, yah can't pick one!

Ang said...

Perfectly A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! Talented as always but man, he's a little cutie (along with his brothers!) Love the chair!

Beryl said...

You are really talented, involved in so many things. I absolutely love the pictures of Carson, they are adorable, I wouldn't know which one to choose either. It sure is nice for such good friends to live so close to each other. It sounds like Alanna really enjoys your friendship.
Thanks for letting me view the pictures.
Bye for now,
Beryl (Alanna's Aunt)

Lisa said...

oh my goodness. i'm so jealous. i've never even met this little guy. i love the pics. i'm glad alanna has you there to take care of her--she needs the extra help. :)

Anonymous said...

Catherine said:
He is a Beautiful little boy, Alanna, you have such cute kids! Warms my heart that you and Elizabeth are having the opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other so!