Family Outtings- Calgary family photographer

This is a bit overdue, but over spring break we took a few family outings. This day we went up to the mountains and explored a bit! I brought along the tri-pod and tried to get a few family shots. Ultimately it reminded me that I like to be behind the camera, and I need to hire someone to take MY family pictures this spring! But at least I have a couple from that day! Have you booked me to do your family photos this spring/summer? e-mail me at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com for more info!


Anonymous said...

Mom said:
oh the cuteness! You have such a loving family- its nice to see that reflected in these.
Hilarious to put your skinny as a stick Vienna up on a one!

Katie said...

You definitely got some good shots! I've been thinking about hauling a tripod to city park and getting a couple family photos with the Denver city scape.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Darling pictures! Your children are getting so big! Love your cute hair cut too!

Haven't booked a photo shoot yet... do you travel to Massachusetts? After seeing the pictures you do for other people, what I get from Sears leaves a bit to be desired!


motherofangels said...

I still want you to get pics of my three angels. Just waiting for some more flowers to bloom :)

Anonymous said...

Love them all Liz.

Alanna said...

Love the one with you and Vienna, Vienna on a post and the shoes hanging down!!

Kristy Kay said...

you may like to be behind the camera best but you still did an awesome job! they are beautiful pictures of your beautiful family.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Thanks guys~

Kathy I totally agree, lets wait for a REAL spring! can't wait!

Katie I highly recommend doing the tripod, even if they don't turn out perfect, at least you'll have them!

Anonymous said...

Liz, the pictures are gorgeous, and the children are all adorable. Your family is beautiful. Love all the pictures and especially love your creativity. Well done. In front of the camera or behind you are awesome.
Love ya bunches,
Auntie Anne