Fun little project!

This was an impromptu little birthday gift for a friend of Vienna's. I made this cute little bike basket out of Tanya Whelan's Darla line and a few odds and ends. I had scraps from my past quilt projects. I found the idea, pattern and GREAT tutorial HERE! If you want to make one the supplies are few and it took me about 3 hours and then I embellished a bit! I think it turned out so super cute! Now I have to modify the back velcro closure to suit Vienna's handlebars (her's are split in the front). I hope little 'J' enjoys her basket as much I enjoyed making it!
Oh and we filled the basket with some homemade playdough in colors to match, and tied on some cookie cutters and such from the dollar store. This gift was both affordable and fun!


Susan said...

Just darling and a great birthday gift idea!

brooke said...

so cute, Liz!

Sarah said...

Adorable! I can't believe you just throw these things together - so talented!!