Zanna - Calgary Baby Photographer

Little Zanna just turned one and made my dreams come true! Not only is she a little doll, but she also has those big blue eyes, and the icing on this cup cake was teal and messy all over. See for yourself!
The cupcakes were conveniently made by my friend Dorienne fairbanks. She is fabulous and so are her cupcakes! Just ask Zanna.


Martha anne said...

That cupcake idea is so cute! Also loved that bedroom! Good job Liz

Katie said...

Where is that bracelet from??

esther.beazer said...

cute shoot liz!

Christy said...

Thanks Liz... They are just too cute! Her belly makes me lol!
And Katie, I got her bracelet from emmiekate.com.
Can't wait to see more!