Greta Elizabeth - Calgary Baby Photographer

Okay, so this is Greta 3 days old. This first picture is just so you can understand and appreciate how tiny Little 5lb 1oz 191/2" Greta is. That hat and those britches are what I use on my newborns. Sometimes I have to roll the waistband, but never has a baby swam in these like this! So we did some tucking and folding until it looked like it fit. Oh and are those back wrinkles not just scrumptious!? Oh you are a beautiful baby Greta!
Handsome Daddy, Conor.
Beautiful Mommy, Katie.
Adorable sister, Holly. She just lights up when Greta is around! Holding her though is serious business!
*I know this is coming across as an obsession with Greta perhaps..... and well it is. But I promise the next post is gonna be about quilts! Really cute quilts!!


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures of Greta! She is absolutely adorable, and oh, so tiny. You've done a fantastic job of capturing everyone once again Liz. Thanks for sharing with us!
Love you bunches,
Auntie Anne

Anonymous said...

beautiful! Congrats katie and Conor. Greta and I are bonded already because we share a birthday!
Love ya liz and your work,

Anonymous said...

obsess away! I'm just happy soakin; up all the sweet perfection of your little namesake.

Cheryl Allison said...

Wow, so cute. I came for quilting pictures, but this was so much better. :-)