Quilts as promised!

Here is the quilt I made for Greta. What? You thought that I had moved on? No way! But at least I diversified. This was my first 'wonky quilt' if you can believe it. Very fun to make and very time consuming. I fell in love with some vintage inspired scraps years ago, and only recently found some vintage inspired prints to finish things off. I've been hoarding this fabric awhile. When my brother Conor and his wife Katie told us the baby's name was going to be Greta, I knew it was a perfect fit! So since baby quilts look even better with babies in, on around them.....This is the really cute quilt that Katie made for her daughter Greta. The nursery to go with is beyond cute see it HERE. This hat has been too small for just about every baby I have put it on. And yet it is still poorly attempting to fit Greta's tiny little self. Love this baby!!!


Katie said...

The quilt you made for Greta is gorgeous. I love it! And of course, I just can't get enough of my Greta. She's just so cute! Thanks Liz! You've got some big fans over here!

Eden Lang said...

they are beautiful! I am so impressed! I love the wonky look. so very very cute. she is one lucky little baby.

B. said...

The quilt is amazing. I have yet to attempt a wonky quilt. And of course I love the pictures, espeically the one of her literally wrapped in the quilt standing up. Too cute.