Us again.

Remember these little kids? No? that's because I haven't done a personal blog in forever! So this is long over do, but better late then never.

Easter Morning we woke up happier then ever. Kent and I had just gotten home at 1 am from our trip to Mexico (more on that later) And had not seen the kids for a week. This is bringing up all kinds of emotions just thinking about it. First in came Seger. He curled in next to Kent and a few minutes later me, all while whispering sweetly, his triumphs and experiences while staying at my sisters for the last week. He let just one tiny little bit out at a time. I was home, and this was perfection. The others soon followed behind him until the bed was brimming over with our little family. Yes this was where I wanted to be.
I couldn't help but stop and snap a quick couple rushed pics of the kids in their new easter outfits, they all looked so handsome, and Vienna is always the cutest when she has a brand new dress on! She just walks around with such delight! Her hair was not as 'done' as I like, but at least they were all freshly bathed! I made Kent snap a couple with me as well. I decided I need to be a part of my kids' picture lives! I'm going to make that happen.
Simply, I love my family!
P.S. You may have noticed that Felix had a cast on his hand. Yup another broken bone for the books. Felix broke his thumb climbing the kitchen stool. He's all better now! He took it like a champ.


Sarah said...

Such cute pictures! Also, I love your fireplace surround, it's beautiful. I know exactly what you mean about relishing snuggles and being back with your babies after a trip. I loved it.... until they all started whining and fighting with each other and demanding things from me all day long. I am ready for another vacation already! I can't wait to hear about your trip to Mexico! I bet it was wonderful!! :)

Ranisa said...

Let me the first say....I so love seeing pictures of the kids! Vienna reminds me of Alice in the orginal Alice and wonderland. They are all so cute! I caught your Mexico pics of facebook-hottie! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh, could they BE any cuter? I love the last one of you and the kids best- they just look so happy to have you home and to themselves. Precious!

pescbrico said...

OMG, I did not realised your yougest son is that big allready!! Time flies so fast. Always love to visit your blog :)
Have a wonderful day!