My sister and her husband are shall we say die hard Calgary Stampede fans. They go to every stampede event they can fit in during stampede, Bjorn has even planned vacation time to be available! Well Bjorn being as such, went downtown LAST NIGHT with his two oldest daughters and slept in the Westfalia Van just to secure a great spot for the next morning. What an adventure! Lucky us he called this morning to say there was some space left and that the Duke and Duchess would be leading the parade and coming by their section very soon! We bolted out of bed and threw together clothes and snack (ie breakfast). We missed the practically caged Duke and Duchess, but made it for the rest. Parking was a trial, I cried at one point.

But after Seger got over his lack of cowboy boots this kid was in his element! He had a blast and was very social. He got some loot from the police men and had a great day! I had no idea he was such a cowboy at heart!
He had a hat too , but somehow I missed getting a shot with it on. He was so cute!
But all that action had him tuckered out soon after hitting the door. I love you Seger! You are one cool kid!
(oh and he changed into shorts before he fell asleep, this kid changes clothes more then a girl!)

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Katie said...

Ah! Seger is so cute! I love that he's such a cowboy.