Mau's part 1 - Family

Silvanna is a friend that I treasure. I always leave our interactions feeling better about myself and life. It was so nice to spend and evening with her family, the people that make up a big piece of Silvanna. This is just the first instalment, but I felt as though your patience should be rewarded with more then a single FB image.



Kristy Kay said...

Aww I love this family! Your style really suits them. Love how you have captured their personalities! Cant wait to see more!

Megan Marie said...

Thanks for posting these! They are one of my favorite families ever. I've been her babysitter ever since Milo was born and I miss them!

Rose M said...

Finally, I can leave a comment! Thanks for the kind words Liz and for the beautiful pictures. I love how you captured Milo's craziness and Mayli's sweetness. I can't wait to see more.