Chevron - Quilts

I made this Chevron Quilt for my sweet sister in-law Daria last Christmas. I was so excited to give it to Daria and get it sent to Victoria for Christmas that I didn't take any pictures. Daria and her Assistant Dylan were kind enough to take a few for me. Thanks for putting all you had into the pics Dylan!!

I used a fun simple method found HERE to do the chevron pattern. It worked like a charm! The backing was actually from a vintage curtain set that I found at a church sale. I had been saving it for just the right project.

Daria you look so cute wrapped up in this quilt. I'm so glad the quilt made it on time and that you clearly love it!! I hope to see you wrapped up, first hand soon.


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Katie said...

Gorgeous! And so big! Perfect for wrapping up with the kids.

The tutorial is interesting. I used the triangle method when I did Holly's quilt. I wonder if it requires less pressing pauses.