Esther Fitness - Portrait

Esther is my cousin. She's a very talented photographer herself in Saskatchewan, Esther Beazer Photography. My Aunt Janet and cousin Ashley did a fitness competition last year and this year it was Esther's turn. She had her second baby this last year and placed second in the competition. I'm impressed but he dedication and handwork that Esther has put into her health and fitness. She looks FANTASTIC!! and it was so fun to see her FEEL fantastic too! Her husband Russ has competed in the past as well. You can tell that they support one another and are so proud of the others accomplishments.  This photo shoot was so fun! I loved the creative collaboration and time with loved ones. Congratulations on this mile marker Esther.


P.S. You can find the post of her Mom and Sister (my Aunt and cousin) HERE


Anonymous said...

fun to have the photo shoot with russ too. Pretty amazing. So awasome to catalogue the moment in pictures. Amazing!! I still ahve my pictures as my screen saver just to remind me how awsome and hard working I am.
love you esther and love you liz and your amaing ability to capture the moments!!


Liz, Thank-you again, i just keep looking at these photos over and over again and i can hardly believe that its me in those photos. Thank-you!

Magalie said...

I'm a photographer myself and came accidentally to this pictures. The pictures are so beautiful !! Keep on going