Merry Christmas - My Family

 Yesterdays snow day at home turned about a happy space in time to do these pictures I've been wanting/planing to do for months. I have realized that the light is so fleeting in the hours my children are home…… and Sunday's have been a needed day of rest…… so yesterday as I decided to keep them all home I immediately smiled, because I knew we would do this instead.
Admittedly it was much like many other times I have taken pics of my kids " I promise just ONE more" "We're almost done, just have fun with me". I did some without the lights too…. but the sparkling glow and those sweet smiles and giggles were too much to resist! I really have the best children. They are all so sweet in each their own way. They are making my holidays brighter this year, truly.

Love you kiddos.


Katie said...

Awesome shots, of course! What wall in your home is gray now?

Oh, and I can't help but think, "where are Felix's glasses?"

Love these!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

These are precious! I absolutely love the warm glow of the lights coupled with the smiles on these sweet faces. I love and adore your children, they are wonderful. You are such an amazing and shining example of motherhood at it's best to me. Love you!

Thanks for sharing your treasures.

Anonymous said...

Great idea to do it with the lights, Elizabeth. I love the ones of them clustered together - its so how they interact with each other every day, close, loving, engaged, happy. You're doing great things in your home, and it shows. Proud of you, honey,