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Christmas at our house was amazing!!! kent and I went into this year with a promise that we would not get eachother christmas gifts. Now I don't know why i always trust him to stay as committed to the pact as me, because he always breaks it! Then I am the shmuck that didn't get anything. This year I decided to be a real "rebel" and get him stocking stuffers in spite of the pact i didn't want to be empty handed. Well 2 days before christmas Kent gets his bonus at work and low and behold he has an early christmas gift!!! At least he didn't get me on christmas right. He shows up with the Canon Rebel XTI with an amazing lens I think 17/85 with image stabalizer. Anyways I am loving it and couldn't be too mad. Thankyou babe! Now I'll just have to get him back on his birthday

And HAPPY NEWYEAR! We started out the newyear preparing to list our house. we have been taking care of loose ends around the place and organizing all christmas break. We redid our backsplash to help the place sell since the old one was beyond hideous!!!

Also Seger got his first haircut!!! people were starting to say that he had a comb over because he just has one long patch of hair on top and just a scuff everywhere else. He does look a little more grown-up but at least he doesn't look like he is imitating an old man! Enjoy the pics!

P.S. Miss sassy cat Vienna herself has taken to answering everything with " I think so!" And now this morning has added " what you talkin about?" with this furrowed brow! Too funny! And Seger is almost rolling over!


Katie said...

Great pictures Liz. Seger sure looks handsome!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Liz! I'm loving the new backsplash, I bet it looks incredible in there. Got a kick out of Evan chipping off the old tiles.

I love that Seger, what a cutie! ROTFL at Vienna, she is so funny these days.
MIss you

DaddyO said...

And the guy holding Seger is pretty good looking too.

mumovearls said...

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ps great photos love all the updates! and that baby is so cute I could kiss his little cheeks!

Stephanie M. Larsen said...

Cute tiling. I remember you saying you knew a way to get your blog printed even if it's blogger? How?