Well thanks for all the pregnancy good wishes. I am getting the odd day off from being sick! Yay! 
But today brought other surprises! My sweet little Seger (it seems to be all about him lately) fell and hit his little noggin on the fireplace. It has almost no ledge to it, but he found it! I heard the cry as I was about to go into the bathroom. I went running, I found him face down trying to get up but having a hard time. The back of his head damp. I picked him up immediately to see a pool of blood on the floor. We grabbed a clean dish towel as fast as can be and applied pressure while calling Kent and my Sis in-law Lindsay. The troops arrived and off to the clinic. We got the bleeding to stop by the time we got there. He still had a pretty good gash though! It was so cute because he was beside himself until he saw Kent, then he was a total happy beaver! The boy loves his Daddy. Anyways... they got us in pretty quick given it was a blow to the head and him being little. We avoided stitches!!! Again!!! And they were able to glue it shut. He didn't like that much. So for now we are a stitch free family..... until next time. Boy it seems to be just drama on my blog lately! So sorry! Oh and side note. Evan knowing I like things clean grabbed a cloth while I made calls and applied pressure to Seger's head, and totally cleaned up the blood on the floor. What a sweet helper. He really wanted to be useful.

Whew! Lets hope that THIS is the last major injury for awhile!


pescbrico said...

I sure hope so for your family that it's the last injury for a while!! It's really fun that you could avoid stitches!

Kritta22 said...

What's a roop? group? I'm so lost!
Anyway I'm so sorry the munchkin got hurt. I seriously hate that more than anything right now. Connor just ran, full bull, into the corner of the wall. Now he has a huge bruise!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh how fun! The stories that go along with childhood are priceless! My little guy is always running into things and getting bumps and bruises and the occasional gash or slice. So far just one trip to the ER and we avoided stitches too...only because he was in such a state that they would have had to sedate him and they decided he was too young for that! He was 16 months then and now he's almost 6 yrs! Whew!

I think she meant to say 'troops' instead of 'roops'. I can certainly understand not being all together with it!

Stay healthy!


Terri said...

Oh, poor baby! Boys are roughnecks... you might be in for a bumpy ride with this little guy!


Valerie said...

I hope his little head is ok. I hate it when they fall. My daughter is expecting in Dec. We are so excited. She is just glowing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Glad he's OK and you avoided stitches, but I'm sure that was not a fun way to spend a few hours.

Tiff said...

Poor little guy! I hope it heals quickly. How are you feeling?

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Elissa said...

so glad he is alright! we had our own head gash with dermabond results here recently.. my those head injuries bleed like crazy don't they? you think they are going to need ten stitches and the doc says, "oh, it's not actually THAT deep, we can just glue it together!" hope you stay away from the ER!

JAKKS Cahoon said...

So, I decided to skip the emergency room visit and just glue Kienna's head back together once. I totally glued Jarett's finger to her head and it got ridiculous. It worked still, but it took a lot of nail polish remover and patience. So way to go and do it the right way!!
PS- I LOVE Evan's response. I need that here too.