Giveaway bug!

This giveaway isn't mine, but a friend of mine thought it was such a great idea that she is doing one. Stephanie from Mama Drama is giving away this cute quilt to help a friend and a sweet little baby with a heart condition. You can read all about it on her blog and donate a dollar or two if you wish at the same time as entering for the quilt! Check it out!


Terri said...

You trendsetter, you! :) Thanks for the link!


Sarah said...

Liz, what a small world! Mimi (Mia's mom) is one of my dearest friends! I'm so glad you posted about this on your blog!

And also, your kid's halloween costumes are adorable! They are so cute!

Ranisa said...

I told Kris again that you were pregnant....he didn't recall me mentioning it before...his reaction...."Holly Cow she's a baby factory!"

paula said...

so...i wonder if you are going through "post-withdrawl" ??? after the madness over your giveaway....so maybe you should have another one & this time I'll win!!! hahaha, this post just made me think about your giveaway, that's all!!!