Other bits and pieces.

Hey there all! Spring has finally sprung around here. I am so thrilled! We have been growing a pumpkin plant, the kids and I that is. It's flowering and they are just beyond pleased with their little green thumbs. Each day we check the progress, and I must say I find it pretty cool! They grow so quickly! I'll have to post pics soon!

Aside from that I have been having fun with scraps! I made these darling 'scripture bags' for the various kids in our lives. Evan, Vienna, their cousins, friends birthday gifts etc. They are meant for puting their scriptures in for church, but really it's a cute little tote that they can pack around treasures in too.

These little birds are just so quick and fun! I have discovered however since making them that the tails should be left UN- stuffed. But oh well. I made these violet beauties for my neice. I found the pattern for free through Knack, which linked to Design Sponge, which linked to Spool! Where you can find the full write up and pics of how gorgeous these can really look!! Just click HERE.

I just finished another quilt last night. I'm going to take some pics today and she should be ready for presenting soon!! Happy Easter weekend! I'm sure we'll have pics and such to share in the coming week. For now I'm just going to focus on keeping the kids on a low grade sugar high while I teach them more about Christ and the true meaning of Easter!


Kelly O. said...

I think your birds are lovely. I have made them before and stuffed the tails too. but either way I think they're sweet!
Happy Easter

Katie said...

I can't wait to see the finished quilt. And a pumpkin! How fun!

Ashley Dawn said...

Those would be a great baptism gift too. You are just a little bit too creative for my blood. Hey, I'm going to be in Calgary for the summer... starting in two weeks. Give me a call - we'll be at my moms.

Kritta22 said...

Those scripture bags are wonderful!!

I love the purple fabric on the birdies! They look cute with the stuffed tails!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Are you singing in church? How about the primary?

Terri said...

Happy Easter - love your creations!

Sherri said...

Elizabeth, I love those little birdies!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Can't wait to see your latest quilty creation!

Lisa L. said...

you are so talented - just beautiful!