My sister and her family invited us for a family hike. So we ventured out and had a wonderful time! There was some potty drama with the kids, and cherries to slather their faces in pink juices, and most of all the most gorgeous scenery!! I couldn't get over the beautiful views and the little grove of trees. The kids love it! I loved it! Here are a few moments we captured.
Nicole (sis) and Bjorn and that sweet boy Finn
Kent and I at the top
Best pals!
I love my Man with our baby!

the 'little' boys
Vienna and I sharing a fun giggle
This is the look of sheer delight!!!

Oh and Baby Felix! He is perfection! He really is only waking up once a night..... by that I mean waking up at 6 or 7 am, virtually morning anyways. He smells so sweet and I wish you could all have a wiff! You can't help but be happy with this little guy around.


Lisa said...

Such a beautiful view at the top, and an even better view of the kids. They look like they were having a blast.

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
So many great moments in such a small group! Love the glee on Evan's face, the shared Momma & Girlie smiles, the way Felix looks so much like Kent, teh relaxed couple you are, the sibling love, and the one of Catherine Nicole may be my new favorite pic of her- gorgeous!
Well done!

pescbrico said...

Your pictures are amazing! Maybe you should think of updating your profile... ;) Your children are beautiful! :)

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Look at you! Mama of four and off hiking with the fam! Dang! I'm just trying to get myself to go hiking with Mo all on my own. :) So, potty drama, Bridgey says he needs to pee at Skcomi lake on Wed. So, I say okay go use a tree, and he picks one front and center, and does a little squat, it' was all out before I could quit laughing. So, sick!! Awh! I was afraid we were going to get kicked out.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Profile updated! Thanks for the reminder!

I love the potty drama Just yesterday I caught, to my horror, Evan peeing off my Mom's front porch into the flowers! We weren't remote or anything, I guess he just thought it was a great idea~