Jam packed!

So we have had a jam packed week or so! So many new and exciting things going on. I seem to be finding time to make slings, in between entertaining kids ( who by the way are soooo ready for the scheduling of school). But the other morning Evan and Vienna were having a 'snack' before we got out of bed. Evan suddenly comes in our room with blood down his chin holding his apple and hands us his tooth!! " What happened? Did you fall?" Nope he just lost his tooth! So we take a closer look and he actually already has an adult tooth coming in already. How did I not know this? I didn't even know his teeth were loose!?? He's too young, I'm too young! Now I have to be the 'tooth fairy' what's the going rate anyways? We also noticed that he actually lost 2 teeth, so we went downstairs and found his other tooth on the carpet. Crazy!! My little boy is growing up!
As you know we also blessed Felix this past Sunday. It was great! Kent and I's grandma's both travelled to be there, my Aunt and cousin were in town and family and friends from here all came to be with us. It sounds like he's going to be a pretty great kid! I have better pictures coming of the day. Felix was a perfect gentleman and looked so handsome!! We had a brunch before hand and that went off without a hitch! Thanks for everyone that helped out!
Also Ms Vienna was able to go for a meet and greet at her new preschool. She was so thrilled to be able to wear some of her new 'school clothes' that Nana had given her. She loved the school and loved the teacher!! Vienna's going to be a star!
Vienna ALSO learned to ride her bike withOUT training wheels!! She's only 3 and a half for goodness sakes! Kent held the seat while she got started, he let go and she never looked back. She's so excited to be able to keep up with Evan now. The only down side is that Vienna has taken this new found confidence and has gotten a little on the sassy side of things! But we are so proud of her! She's such a go getter. (P.S. she just wore the pads for the first day just in case!)

So that's us in a nutshell! More to come in the next post! An exciting announcement!! See you then!


Dorienne said...

"Wow" about the tooth! That is awesome. And Vienna riding a bike all by herself? Awesome.

Lindsay said...

Your little family is so adorable! Hey, so I was going to sew a sling for a friend by copying the one you gave me (is that okay?). I remember with it you gave me some directions on how to use it. I was just wondering if there's somewhere online I can go to print off the directions?

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Wow! Two teeth at once! That's efficient!

Lots of fun things going on in your household these days. Enjoy every minute of it!

Can't wait to hear what the announcement is!


Lisa said...

Congratulations on becoming a Tooth Fairy. We have always given our children a dollar per tooth. I've heard of some families going as high as five dollars but I think that is ridiculous. Remember how many teeth the tooth fairy will need to pay for over the coming years!

A really cute tradition my friend started is that the tooth fairy delivers dollar coins. The kids love them and usually don't want to spend them because they are so unique. The biggest problem is that the tooth fairy needs to have a supply on hand at all times. The tooth fairy would often forget to stop by our house and we would make all kinds of excuses for her tardiness. ;)

Congratulations to Vienna on riding her bike solo. It's a big day!

Terri said...

What a busy few days you've had! Loved reading the update and the photos are great!

The Young Ones said...

I love your family! Thanks for your beautiful photos! Felix is amazing. What a talented and wonderful mommy you are. I too am soon to venture into the world of "tooth fairy", let me know if you have any tips! -Tonya

Sherri said...

Elizabeth, I love that picture of Vienna in her new outfit! What a cutie! I love her name also!