Vienna's 5th Birthday!

My only little girl is turning 5 on Dec 20th. Her birthday is so close to Christmas that we decided to have her party earlier when friends were still available. Vienna and I talked and decided on a tea party theme. Vienna is all girl!! I love that she gets enjoys being so girly! I put on my vintage apron and played the part of the server while the girls sipped tea, sparkling juice and ate little delights! We had Precious Sadies come and teach the girls how to make genuine crystal and bead bracelets. It was so fun to see each of their personalities present themselves as they tackled their patterns and picked their beads. Every girl went home with her original design. The girls were little ladies to a 'T' each in their favorite dress. I'd do this again any day! it was so much fun! I love you Vienna! My baby girl!


Katie said...

Wow!! Supermom! This looks like every little girl's dream come true. I love Vienna's dress. I've seen that ruffly fabric before and I can't wait until Holly runs out of dresses so I can order some and make her a dress.

Anonymous said...

Mom said
Perfect Party for the Little Lady- everything looks lovely, Elizabeth!

Sarah said...

What a darling party! I would totally do that for my birthday this year :) It looks like they had so much fun and I love all of your little details. Happy birthday to your cute Vienna!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Liz it turned out so incredible!! WOW!! I can't believe that our beautiful little Vienna is almost 5 years old. Give her a big kiss from Auntie Daria, I'd love to have a cup of tea with her when I come to Calgary next time.

Alanna said...

Wow Liz! I can't believe how far behind I am on your blog! I've just done a lot of reading! I love sooo many pictures! That Lola is something else... and I love the cupcake pics... and the desk ones... and and and... yeah I'm behind.
This party looks fabulous! So girly and so fun! I miss that little girl! Does she still say, "When I was a little girl..."? Please tell me yes. I love it!