Afton- Calgary Baby Photographer

This little 'Gem' was just about as close to perfect as a baby gets for me! She was so sleepy and quiet, and calm. She participated so well! I always fall in love with the babies that have all that dark hair, it reminds me of my own babies. Oh and can we talk about the chubbins! 10lbs 10oz at birth and this little darlin is now 6 days old and so extra squishy! Enjoy her to pieces Sarah. She'll sort out her nights and days eventually! In the mean time she'll butter you up with all those rolls of hers.
Oh and P.S. I got started on this sneak peek, and well.... apparently I have no self control! Your baby is too cute, and now your pictures are done! I'll be by my Mom's tomorrow, I could drop them off to you then!? Merry Christmas early!


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Oh she's soooooo precious! Beautiful captures Liz.

Dorienne said...

She is so cute. Love it!

Sarah said...

Oh Liz these are perfect. I'm so excited to get them! Merry Christmas to me :)