Christmas bells rang!

Christmas bells rang loud and clear at our house! I think the best part of christmas morning, was Evan. He ran into the room and went right past all the Santa gifts and went straight to a tiny little box. He grabbed it and run back to me and exclaimed " Mom I made this one for you!" That's the spirit of Christmas, the gift of giving, and he got it! My Mom went to great lengths this year to have a 'Nana club' to help the kids make gifts for one another and few others. The kids begged me each and everyday to go to 'Nana club'. Thank you Mom for making that happen! Here is a peek at our home this past christmas. Happy New Year to you all!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Liz!! That is so cute of Evan! Love Aunt Bunny

Valerie said...

Happy New Year too you and your family!

Alanna said...

NOW I've read your Christmas post. Your house looks BEAUTIFUL...must have been Jarom's work on the tree...except his magic must have fizzled by the time he helped at our house. But seriously, even the presents have pretty bows and stuff. Love it!