Handsome Sol - Calgary Baby Photographer

My bestfriend and Sister Nicole.......

Had this cute little belly, until recently.

When she had this handsome, little slice of heaven! Solomon James Larsen. Oh this baby is melting my heart, and here is why......... enjoy! I'll be the puddle in the corner!


Anonymous said...

Liz i love them! You spoil me so!
Love Nicole

Anonymous said...

Oh Elizabeth! WELL done!
I love the storyline approach
Nicole called me to tell me that the pics are up and
we have been cooing and squealing with delight over each one.
You have captured wee Solomon perfectly!

Katie said...

He's so cute. I'm so sad that I can't cuddle him or meet him for another couple months. It's painful! He's darling. And Nicole is beautiful as usual.

Donna said...

Congratulations to Nicole! I have no idea how to get in touch with her, so please pass my best wishes on to her!

Anonymous said...

Liz, He is truly beautiful and so are you Nicole!! You do a fantastic job of capturing every pose of these wee ones.
Congratulations again Nicole!! love Aunt Bunny

Alanna said...

Congrats Nicole! He's beautiful.
Liz, you capture that "baby-ness" sooo perfectly you can almost smell the newborn smell. Love the wrinkles up the back!