Toby- Calgary Baby Photographer

Toby, dear sir, you had me working hard for my money! This little sweet boy liked to eat, a lot, and well he peed a lot, pooped on things a bit, and even spit up. BUT..... once dear Toby was done with all of that, he settled right in. This is for you kiddo! Enjoy the peek!


Anonymous said...

Mom said:
Lots of challenges and STILL with the gorgeous pics!
Well done, Liz!

Anonymous said...

Well done Liz...another great photo shoot! Keep up the great work...you ROCK girl.

Love you bunches,
Auntie Anne

Jenn said...

Liz, these pictures make me want to have another baby JUST so you can work your magic.

Marissa, if you're reading: Congratulations, he is truly perfect, absolutely adorable and I think he totally suits his name.

Love It!

Bourne said...

You are an amazing photographer. I love the pictures.

If I could I would have you take new pictures of Elly every month.