Hi everyone!

I just realized that I have a gap in my time slots and can fit in a 2:45 session in tomorrows Father Day photo shoot see below for details. This is an awesome deal! Someone take this slot because otherwise I'll just be sitting there by myself waiting for the next session 45 later!

Otherwise I can't wait to see you all tomorrow!! Looks like we'll have decent weather!! Thanks!

After Note* Check the comments for other time options

After after Note* All spots are now filled! Thank you everyone for your interest! I'm overwhelmed!!


Courtnee said...

Can I change my 5:15 to that time?

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Probably Courtnee. I need to see if someone would like that spot, that doesn't already have one first.

But if someone prefers the 5:15 and would like that instead then we can make everyone happy!

So I'll e-mail you and let you know Courtnee.

Courtnee said...

okay, sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Can I steal the 11:45? I'd switch you courtnee, but my kids are not very co-operative at that time of day!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Sorry guys, but I just got a call on the last spot and all are filled!

Anonymous I'm not sure who you are?

See you at 5:15 Courtnee!

courtnee said...

Okay, if it starts raining, let me know what the plan is.

courtnee said...

Liz, Thanks so much for doing the boys pictures, it was so much fun. I have never had pictures done like that before, they have always be just portraits. Cant wait to see them.