Giveaway- Father's Day

Druuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm Roooooooollllllllllllll please! The winner of the free Father's Day photo shoot is, Courtnee!

I had a cute idea of taking pics of the slips of paper in a cute jar and one of my kids pulling the name out, but, it seems I only had time to do the draw late at night and I was just too tired to do all the cute stuff. So a tupperware bowl and some jagged cut pieces of paper fit the bill, and no one needs to see that!

So I am so excited to do these pictures!! I went garage saleing this past weekend and ended up with the cutest props for a fabulous bargain!! I can't wait to show you all!

So location. You have all been wondering I am sure! We are going to Alexandra Centre Society, located at 922-9 Ave SE Calgary. You can google it. It's in Inglewood and the possibilities are endless! I have you all booked pretty close together, were going to be running on an egg timer! So prompt arrivals will be much appreciated!

Oh and MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!! Please pray for NO RAIN!!! the forecast is improving, but still sketchy. If it is just horrible down pour then I will be travelling to your homes I guess for an intimate shoot, so this is motivation to get the beds made that morning, or greater motivation to pray!

Dressing your cute kids. I have had some questions. So here is some advice!


- Big brand logo's (unless you want that to stand out in your pics).
- Extremely busy patterns/graphics
- All black, or all white tops ( it just ends up looking like a blob)

Absolute Do's

- I love neutrals with a splash of colour added ie. scarf, hat, shoes etc.
- I can not say enough about texture! Do it!
- Simple patterns and bright colours work great!
- It doesn't have to be matchy, matchy. Co-ordinating colours is great.
- Layering adds dimension. ie. A cute sweater or jacket, skirt with leggings, shirt under a buttoned shirt etc.
- Wearing stuff you think looks really cute or that your kids love to wear will make for great pics. Kids totally feel it!

There is a photographer that I LOVE in the states that has similar views on this and actually did a great post with pics of what to wear. So if your still feeling lost please go HERE to check out Kristen Honeycutts post on that.

Those of you booked, could you please send me your cell phone #'s and e-mail addresses to elizabeth@lizzyanne.com This will help with communicating any changes etc. My cell # is in the sidebar here so feel free to draught it down to take with you incase you get lost.

YAY!! This will be a blast!!

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courtnee said...

Thank you so much, I am sooo excited for winning. There isnt much that I do win, so this is so awesome.
My number is 973-0290 and courtnee_lund@hotmail.com