My favorite Cousin Ashley just got married this past weekend. I love this girl! We were the very best of friends growing up and I am SO happy for her and Mike! Your wedding day was perfection! There was the greatest spirit present the whole day. Thank you for letting us be a part of such a magical day full of LOVE! Here's just a few pics from my vantage point. Love you cuz! Love you too mike!


Anonymous said...

What great pictures Liz!!! Just a heads up, I am doing great! Your call ment a great deal. Thanks for calling, and she we should talk more.

Katie said...

Ashley looks so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

primooooo como veo disfruto su dia al maximo y no nesecito desearle suerte porque ud no la nesecita
ahhhhhhh!!!! esta super linda su esposa viejito ...exitos y felicidades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

The above comment is roughly translated as:

"primooooo as I see I enjoy his day to the maximum and not nesecito to wish him luck because ud not the nesecita ahhhhhhh!!!! his wife is super pretty viejito ... successes and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"