Juliet Evangeline - Calgary Baby Photographer

Juliet Evangeline, what a beautiful, romantic name. This little girl decided to arrive earlier then Mom and Dad had planned! But boy what a welcomed surprise! I was able to get down to the hospital before the little girls came to meet her. I love capturing the excitement of this new little life, a bigger family. There is something so magical about it all.
I am available to do your hospital pictures too! It's nice to have pictures that you love of those first moments in babies life. Pictures of you and husband. The pictures you can't get yourself, but whenever you see them, it will take you right back to the miraculous feeling of giving life to that special baby of yours.
You can see another one of my hospital photo shoots HERE . Please contact me for more info.


Katie said...

I love the name too! These photos make me excited for when I'll be in the hospital meeting my baby!

Sarah said...

Those pictures are so wonderful.

Ang said...

Adorable baby, beautiful family - wonderful pictures as always!! And seriously, how amazing does mom look just after giving birth!!! GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Catherine Muirhead said:
The fourth shot is especially sweet- looks like Juliet knows her Momma already. Sarah you look so full of joy! Congratulations on your new little angel!