Back to School Giveaway - Calgary Photographer

My 'little Man' and my 'Missy Pie' have gone and grown up!! Evan is in Grade 1 and Vienna started Kindergarten. I really can't believe it. They picked out their own outfits, packed their snacks and were ready to go! I must say I do miss having Evan home so much and it's only been a couple of days with him full time. The only down fall to kindergarten that Vienna has mentioned is that it isn't in the same class as her brother. She was actually very upset that they are separated, we're talking major tears! Two peas in a pod!
All of this back to school talk though, well it just reminds me that the 'school picture day' is coming. And more then that it reminds me that I HATE the pictures that come home. I didn't even order the pictures last year, (how bad is it that I didn't do that for my first kid his first year?) But honestly the blue/grey back drop and the fake smile, I just can't do it!

SO..... I thought I must not be the only one that despises these pictures. Thus I am offering a fun 'Little Scholar's Photo shoot'

Imagine if you will this scenery (minus the large good looking family).....
Then add this adorable vintage school desk.......
And a stack of lovely vintage books like these, maybe even add a ribbon around them for the little girls.........
And last but certainly not least, put your undoubtedly gorgeous child in it!

The 'Little Scholar's Photo shoot' includes: my talent, Session at predetermined location above, the editing of your images, and guaranteed 15- 20 images on a full resolution disc.
The cost: $50 for one school age child
$25 for each additional child (due at time of session. cash or cheque)

Oh and as per my usual. There is a GIVEAWAY!!!
I will be drawing one of the booked sessions at random to receive their session for FREE! So get signing up for your chance to win!

The Sessions will take place Saturday Sept 18th from 9:30 - 5pm
Times are listed below. To book, just leave a comment with the time you would like.
Please check the comments to see what times have been taken already.
And leave your e-mail or phone number so I can contact you.

9:30 10Taken 10:30Taken 11Taken
11:30Taken 12
12:30 1
1:30 2 2:30Taken 3Taken
4Taken 4:30Taken 5

If you are booking 2 children please advise. If you are booking more then 2 please book two time slots.

(This could also be made into a fun one on one date with you (or your husband) and your child)

I can't wait to see your little Scholar's!


Sarah said...

Liz, I would LOVE to hire you! I so wish I could. What an amazing location, cutest desk and books ever and I know what a fantastic job you do. Why are you so far away from me? ;)

Also, I love, love, love the hospital shoots that you did. They are absolutely beautiful. I would hire you in a second! How wonderful to have a fly on the wall to capture those moments :) You do such beautiful work, Liz!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Sharla has taken the 11 slot!

Over The Moon X 5. said...

WHY??? oh WHY?? we will be out of town that day as you can tell by my melodramatics!! Hehe. just shows how much i love your work.

Johanna said...

Hey Liz. We will take 11:30 for Jacey. I am so excited.

Kristy Kay said...

Cant wait to see them! This is such a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

I am crushed...we will be away that weekend....what a fantastic idea. I can't wait to see all the photos Liz. Sharon

The Taylors said...

What a great idea, I love the little desk! Good luck!

The Taylors said...

Oh and I don't order school photos either because they are seriously awful!

Kristen said...

Liz, can we have the 10 and 10:30 slot? That would total us up to 4 kiddies. And, are you okay for a wardrobe change? I'd like to get the boys in their uniforms and out of them. Let me know if that'll work.

Cheryl said...

Would love to take the 3:30~ for both Hunter and Gracie:)
Thanks Liz!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

I'm the gal who canceled for the Father's Day shoot when my middle girl won a grand prize. While my kids aren't old enough for this one, I would like to find out how much you charge for a family photo shoot. We might like to do one this fall. You can email me at chehr@uclagary.ca.

Thanks! Carrie

Stacey said...

I love this idea! We'll take the 3 o'clock slot. Can't wait!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Cheryl has changed her 3:30 to the 4 pm slot.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Cooper's have the 2:30 slot.