Back to school Giveaway update- Calgary Photographer

Well, it looks like I forgot to pray for no rain on Sat. The forecast has it good chances of rain in the evening and higher winds in the morning. Not what we wanted! This year has been the pits for weather! I think it is best to reschedule in this type of situation. Kids just don't do well when asked to take pictures in adverse conditions. So here is what I suggest.....

Just in case there is some miracle break in weather at your designated time slot and we can still do your pictures as scheduled, PLEASE CALL ME 30 minutes BEFORE your session #923-7131. we will decide wether to go ahead or not. (I'll give you directions then too or check this LINK little red barn yard)

In the event of rescheduling I suggest that we move this to the 25th which right now has a good forecast, in fact it has the highest temp over the next to weeks, if it stays that is. SO we can all pray this time for good weather and go from there. I have just found an indoor solution in case the weather is not favourable next week as well. So there is a plan B option if it comes down to it!

Now I realize that this changes peoples schedules, this may make it easier for some and more difficult for others. I will post what time slot you have, and if you could comment if that time still works for you the following week that would be great. If you want an alternate time slot please specify
Original time New time
10:00 Kristen Kristen
10:30 Kristen Kristen
11:00 Sharla
11:30 Johanna Stacey
12:00 Hughes'
12:30 Hughes'
1:00 Hughes'
1:30 Johanna
2:30 Cooper's
3:00 Stacey Cooper's?
3:30 Ingrid
4:00 Cheryl
4:30 Ingrid (I will need to reschedule this one on the 25th for sure, I have a previous engagement)

As you can see there are other slots to move your time too, as well as room for some that were going to be out of town the this weekend, to fit into! Please let me know what works for all of you!

Giveaway: I just picked my favorite number and that session got the freebee! Stacey your lucky number 5!!! You get your session FREE!

We will make this work ladies! I promise! Can't wait to hear from all of you.


Stacey said...

Score! That is so exciting!!! Thanks Liz! I will have to re-schedule for the 9:30 slot. I have a baptism to attend at 1:00pm in Airdrie so I don't think I would make it back in time for the 3:00 o'clock slot. If there's an opening mid-morning I'll nab one of those instead but as it stands count me in for 9:30 am. I'm really looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Ingrid Said:

Hi Liz,
I have to agree - it's way too chilly out there!
We'll have the 9:00 or the 3:30 on the 25th.

Johanna said...

Hey Liz,
We will need to reschedule too.
We will take 1:30 if that works. Unless the weather holds up.

Stacey said...

Hey Liz, Can I take the 11:30 am slot instead?

Stacey said...

Also where is the photo shoot at? I cant seem to get your link to work.