Benson - Calgary Birth Story Photographer

My dear friend Ashley graciously agreed to have me take pictures of her labour. This is something that I have been dying to do!! It meant so much that she would be willing to share such personal moments with me. All I wanted was to capture that progression, the moments that you might forget later, but wish you could recall. I love looking at these pictures, because, although they aren't of my labour, they take me back to the place in my mind where I remember a few of those precious feelings that I had when having my children. Ashley I hope these help you remember how strong and brave you were as each contraction came and as the hours passed. That was a really amazing day, full of adventures you never knew were coming. Thank you!
And this is where the labour story went into an emergency c-section due to this babies dropping heart rate. I wasn't permitted into surgery, Dad didn't even get in until the baby was already born. We were all sad not to have the pictures to go along with the dramatic end of this labour.

So 6 weeks later........ because this HANDSOME little boy named Benson is baby #5 for this family! And well Christmas is busy for everyone. So we meet on this winter day to indulge in Benson's every little feature. Big brother Jameson had me pretty captured too!
I am available for your birth story too! The details can be customized to your comfort and budget. Please contact me for more info.


Ashley Dawn said...

Liz, I LOVE these!! Thank you so much. These will really make me remember both the horrible and wonderful parts of having a baby!! You did an incredible job. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend!!!

Sarah said...

What BEAUTIFUL photographs! I love them. You did a wonderful job of telling that story, Liz. So beautiful! And congratulations, Ashley!!

Alanna said...

Love them Liz!!! Ash, I really love the ones of you at the end, especially the black and white one. And Jaymeson and the pillows--love those and of course, Benson!!! I need to meet him!!!!
And I really think the labour ones are cool too! It's too bad Liz couldn't go into surgery... except that was such a dramatic experience maybe you don't want to remember it all too well!

JAC Photography said...

Liz, These are absolutely fantastic. Amazing job. Love the feet in the air, love the pillows, love the whole progression.

Nathan said...

Wow. Wonderful photos to go with an incredible story. Knowing father and mother since they were kids makes it even more special.

Too bad no c-section photos though ;-). Would have really added some stitches to your portfolio

leah jane said...

I love these shots Liz - Great job!! What do you shoot with? And do you use any lighting or anything for your shots? I love the light in these.