Feeling famous or something like that?

I just received an e-mail nominating me for an award. I thought SPAM at first. But I'm glad that I took a second scan through and checked out the link. A very kind Barbara of William George, nominated me. And lucky for me Barbara didn't just click and send , but she also posted a blurb about me on her BLOG, a very nice blurb!! That just made my day!

So here is my nominees for the Liebster Award. It goes to those who have creative, inspiring, worthwhile blogs with under 300 followers.

My first would be to my cousin Martha Philips of a Young Crafty Wife. She is an up and comer! This girl just got married this last summer and has become the wife I wish I had! She is so super crafty and cute. Martha does great tutorials and has a little etsy shop full of treasures! Check her out HERE.

The next is a friend of mine. She is both hilarious and brilliant and currently doing amazing things for children everywhere Stephanie of Mama Drama. Stephanie is the mother of 3 almost 4 kids and has the best sense of humour, she's inquisitive and real! Stephanie also has started an organization with her husband and many others called Child Rescue. It focuses on saving children from child sex trade. This is close to her heart and she is building amazing awareness to the issue. Check her out HERE.

The last is a fellow quilter. Cheryl Arkinson of Naptime Quilter. Cheryl is both talented and a brilliant writer. She is out in her community building connections and contributing to the quilting world like nobody's business! I am very often inspired by her creative perspective, her talent and the way she tackles her projects. I so enjoy reading her blog! Check her out HERE.

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