The little one

Oh my sweet Seger! He had his first day of Preschool today, and he loved it! He actually stopped and sat in the hall at Evan's school yesterday when we dropped him off, he wouldn't move and insisted he needed to be in school now! Well the day has come and he did so well. However you can see below that Felix did not love losing his brother for a couple of hours. He was quite ticked about being all alone. He didn't stop asking where Seger was. As soon as we picked him up he mimicked everything Seger did. So cute! I love these little boys! Seger you are so confident and cool!
Note: it was mentioned in the comments that Seger wore his fave jacket. You know it! Seger has been obsessed with his 'soccer' jacket for months now! like since January. it barely gets washed and he has it right back on. Again totally cool kid! I went through a spandex phase as a child, he can have a jacket.


Katie said...

Ahhh I love Seger so much. Greta and Seger could definitely be siblings easy peasy. I love his glasses and I think they totally suit him.

And again, Felix is so blond!

Anonymous said...

love that seger wore his favorite jacket. He looks oh so handsome with the side part. love the pics.

Sarah said...

I love all your first day of school photos! They are so cute and your kids look adorable... and so grown up! Felix looks so big, and so blond! It is rough on these little guys when all of their friends leave them for the day. I feel a little bit the same way ;)