I am trying to process today. I feel so behind. I took a week or so off, and I am so glad I did! I have really enjoyed the time spent with just my kids, no work looming. However aside from the obvious editing of photo shoots, I have so much of this summer that I haven't even begun to share. Does it still work to post late and out of order and all of that? My perfectionist self says no. But I want to tell me, that better late then never. My kids have grown up so much lately. They are just surprising me daily. Evan has become just the most incredible big brother. I need to devote an entire post on just him. Vienna has really strengthened her spirit this summer. Seger cracks me up, he so badly wants to be bigger. Felix is becoming less my baby everyday. It's so fun to watch, but makes me so sad at the same time. I can't believe that this stage is slipping away so quickly. I love hearing his chirpy little voice around the house more then anything right now though.

Today was the first day of school for Evan and Vienna. Evan has the same teacher as last year and I couldn't get over the confidence that gave him. He introduced himself to a new kid and started making the introductions to all his class mates. I'm so proud when I see him being a good person. Vienna and her cousin Talon are both going into Grade one. He's new to our school and we requested them be int he same class. Well we arrived and they were not! Vienna and Talon were VERY emotionally distraught. We quickly and easier then we thought, got them in the same class, they are now happy as clams! I hope they stay out of trouble!

Here they all are. I love the closeness between these three! It makes me happy that they will be able to look out for each other. So both my oldest in school all day! I can hardly believe that I am down to one and two kids 5 days a week. I am excited for this new time with the little boys, but very sad to be losing so much time with the older two. School now gets them the best hours of the day. Something that I will battle all year long. Here comes a new challenge in that beautiful thing called balance.

I love my kids. I am so blessed to have their incredible spirits in my home. I hope they know that. I'll have to work hard to make sure, just in case. A great responsibility, worth while.


Lily said...

They looks so happy :) Best wishes for them! ))

Katie said...

I love these shots. They're so adorable.

This post makes me panic! I'm already freaking out about the size of Greta and how big Holly is getting. I can't stand the idea of there not being a baby in my home. I don't look forward to schooltime. So many people put their two-year olds in preschool. That's way too soon for me! I'd rather play.