Christmas Bunting

This was my very first Christmas project this year. I saw one in Anthropology that was similar and I couldn't stand to be without it! But at $180 cnd I thought I could make my own. This is my version and I am so happy with all the colour and vibrance. This is now hanging at my front entry and I think I can tackle anything Christmas now! One of the other plus' is sharing this project. Evan and Vienna both were eager to learn how to blanket stitch with me. Well learn they did! They helped do the stitching on all the circle and are now working on buntings for their teachers for Christmas. In total this project only cost me around $10 in used materials. SO FUN!!!


Katie said...

Liz, this is incredible! And it suits you to a T! I love it. I want one. I need to try this out. It's too cute! I've already slashed one of my planned projects. But I guess I just can't make stockings, a tree skirt and a quilt all in one Christmas so I'm at peace with it.

Okay, after Christmas I need a run down of supplies etc. I think this year I'm going to try to complete one Christmas project a month. I know, nuts, but we hardly have any decorations and this in the one holiday I want to decorate for. Plus, I have some ideas for gifts that I must do! Anyways, I admire you. You're amazing and pumping things out.

Conor said...

Wow, totally love this Liz. Great job!

Katie said...

oh and the bunting is half the price here in the USA. $98 is still really expensive. Gosh, I really love this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lending your banner for RS, Elizabeth, it was a nice addition and fun for me to brag about my talented daughter- you continually amaze me, Liz!

Sarah said...

Aaah! This is SO CUTE! I love, love, love it. And am amazed that you just whipped it together. You are one talented lady, my friend :)