First Things First

Before I can start posting about christmas projects and my beauty of a tree (yes it's up already), I really need to post about the kids Halloween. I am not the hugest Halloween person. i think it's fun and all of that and I s=certainly eat enough of the candy to appreciate it, but I hardly decorate. This year though the kids were desperate for something more then pumkins. SO I got caution tape and spiders and webs etc... well guess what the tape didn't come off! Dollar store stuff just peeled leaving behind the color allover my front entry outside!! Never again!! But on a happy note, my kids were super pleased. Evan insisted on being a Zombie, I think I delivered. I refused to buy something cheap for not cheap at all. Vienna was a snow princess, Seger an Astronaut, and Felix a cute Elephant!! Glad I got that out there. Now onto Christmas!!

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Ashley Dawn said...

You have such beautiful kids! Love the costumes!