Euan - Calgary Baby Photographer

These chubby little cheeks belong to Euan an 8lbs on the dot handsome little chap! I had the privilege to take pictures of his Mom and her belly just a short while ago. What an honour it was to take pictures of him only a few days old.
Watching Sarah and Ross as they handled their first REAL blowout had me smiling so hard my face hurt! You did so well working as a team. You are both great parents already. Those first moments are such a pleasure to be a part of! Thank you. Enjoy!
This little boy has love coming from all angles. His grandparents were there to help, so we snapped a few of them too!


My Little Family!

We had our family pictures done recently by Eden Lang. She was wonderful! Kent and I have remarked several times how this was just the most relaxed and positive family session we have done with our family and another photographer. Here take a peek at our little peek.


Kalia 6mth - Calgary Baby Photographer

Kalia is just over 6mth old and wow she is cute! I truly enjoy her Mom as a person and Kalia is no different, what a little smiler! Thanks for letting me play with you guys. I am so happy that we captured so Mommy daughter time, it's all so precious when they just won't stop growing! Enjoy this tiny peek more to come when I'm back!


Scarlett - Calgary baby Photographer

This little girl is so sweet, and early! This is just a quick peek before we go on vacation. Enjoy!

Online Auction - YOU COULD WIN!

Hi all,

My friend Kim and her husband Adam are saving up to do Iron Man Cozumel! I know right? It sounds REALLY hard! And it is! Adam has already done an Iron Man this year and now Kim is joining him, (it just looked too cool I guess.)

I have donated a family session to the online auction to help them pay for this ambitious endeavour. You could bid and WIN! It is a $250 value and there are a ton of other great products and services being offered too. Fresh baked bread, babysitting, jackets, window washing, personal training.......etc. Check out the goods HERE.

Also here is a video of what they are undertaking to do. This will make you emotional. It really is amazing! GO KIM AND ADAM!!


Graduate - Calgary Portrait Photographer

Kylie just graduated. I first met Kylie as a little girl of about 12 yrs old. Kylie you have grown into a stunning woman! I am excited to see what you do with the next few years of your life with independence and choices and a good head on those shoulders. Here is a peek at your shoot. Gorgeous!


The Rice's - Calgary Family Photographer

Meet the Rice's. I loved this session. It was a birthday gift from Suzanne's sister Mary Ann (my bestfriend). I'm so glad that both of them were born! Yay for birthdays! Suzanne you are beautiful! I caught myself grinning practically ear to ear while editing. All of you exude beauty. The kind that is somewhat rare. You have a calm and happy spirit to your family. I am so glad I was able to capture some of that. Oh and Dave your handsome, those girls frame you so well!
Enjoy. More to come!