Wedding Quilt

I made this quilt for my closest cousin Ashley. It was meant to be a wedding gift, but they had a baby in the first year before I finished it. (I was going by old etiquette that gives you a year to give a gift). So I did pictures of their sweet Oliver and the quilt got pushed aside again. But this year I was victorious and finished this quilt! I am in love with these fabrics! It was actually very difficult to part with. I tried some new freehand quilting too, that is where the real beauty lies. The pics don't ever show it nearly as well as I like, but when it's all scouchie and up close it's wonderful. Ashley's reactions was so pleasant. I've even been sent a video and picture of it displayed and being used in her living room. So rewarding. I love to sew for my loved ones.


Katie said...

Very pretty.

Are those little clocks on your wall? They look cute.

Kim said...

Love the colors and the freehand quilting is very beautiful.

pescbrico said...

This is very beautiful! How can she not like this! ;) Have a wonderful day!