Warmth in food

(Honey Dijon Chicken & Quinoa Veggie side)
(Mango Quinoa Salad)

I've slowed certain aspects of my life down, just a tad. It's been a beautiful gift. I have brought myself back to the home. Being more present and aware of my homemaking skills. I have felt more confident and sure. I have been making efforts to educate myself on what we are eating, how I am fuelling my family. We are trying new things and I am excited to cook dinner again! I made a visit to the Farmer's market and I let that steer my direction for meals. I can't get enough of simple fresh ingredients! Pintrest has made finding new recipe's so easy. I keep forgetting to take pictures but below are links to some of the ones I have made with success. I love being a Mom. I love being a wife. I love being a homemaker and I love being an artist. Make something new tonight! I'm trying out personal sized meat loafs in a muffin tin iced with potatoes. If you have a favourite new recipe please share it with me!?

Honey Dijon Chicken
Quinoa Corn and Scallions
Mango Quinoa Salad
Sweet Potatoe Veggie Burger (I would add garlic and more egg to bind.)
Energy Bites (These make a great snack for the kids after school.)
Greek Chicken and Potatoes (Use butter in stead of so much oil.)


Sarah said...

Those all look delish! Thanks for trying them out and giving your approval, Liz :) I'm always curious if things are as good as they look on Pinterest. It's nice to know they mostly turn out :)

Anonymous said...

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