D. Tavis - Portrait

D. Tavis Muirhead. I made my trip out to Victoria to photograph this young man, the rest was all gravy.   You dear Nephew have grown up, more then I would like to admit. I love to listen as you play your guitar and now the piano, and watch you as you purse your lips (much like I do) in concentration, or smirk because something is just really that great. You have gifts, and many of them. You have the gift of leadership especially. You are going to do great things in life if you choose to, and people will follow. Keep your talents at the surface as you do and they will serve you well. Expose them and be vulnerable and allow all the good possibilities in. I love you D. Tavis Muirhead, always have and always will.

Auntie Liz (because I still am)


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

That's My Baby!!! Look at him, isn't he the cutest guy ever? I'm so lucky to have Dylan Tavis as my oldest son, he's so special to me.

Thank you so much Liz for these gorgeous pictures of him. I am crying they are truly incredible. You are a gem!!!!

Katie said...

Liz, these photos are amazing!

Dyl, you're handsomer than ever!

Ashley Jane Reina said...

Dylan, you are such a fun and handsome man. Love the photos. I bet you are winning hearts out there. Love cousin ashley