Daria - Portrait

Daria, you are absolutely stunning. You are a pivotal part of our family, and I am better for knowing you. Thank you for the serene, connected and uplifting visit with you and your family. I love you, and I hope you feel that when you see these. 



Anonymous said...

Oh so Gorgeous Shots of Daria! Love every single one.
xo nicole

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Liz, I love looking at these pictures because they remind me of the wonderful time we had together. It was such a treat to have you all to myself, I'm spoiled now!

Thank you for these pictures, (I can't wait to see all of them) and for making me feel beautiful. You have so many gifts and you left me feeling like I was on cloud 9. You're so special to me. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Daria, you ARE Beautiful! Looks like you two had a blast.
Elizabeth, I love how you have captured so many facets of Daria's personality: fun, silly, brave, bold, hot, joyful, wise, peaceful, sunny, serious, chic, curious, cheerful, sassy, contemplative, vulnerable, gentle. Can't wait to see the rest!