Miracle Michael - Birth Story

 Michael Jarom Phillips. He is a miracle. Born with only half his heart, and fighting as if he had ten. He's amazing, perfect and among the greatest things his parents have ever made!! His sister Vienna is in love! Just like the rest of his family. Keep fighting and growing little guy!

It was a blessing to be there for the labour and delivery of this amazing fellow. Thank you Phillips and Franceschi's I can't wait to see him when he's bigger.


P.S. The full story to come later............


The Merrills said...

This post is just amazing! For those of us who hold the Phillips dear to our heart and whose thoughts were with them during this trying time, this was just great to see!
This is a strong, loving, kind family. One in a million, and I personally just loved this!

Michele said...

My thoughts are with you all. We have fasted and prayed and will continue to do so. My The Lord hold him close to His heart.

jasoncarmengourlie said...

wow! Tears flowing as I read this post. I too am friends with the Phillips family and just love them to pieces. Hang in there Jerome and Nadia. Your little boy is so cute and he has amazing family to help him through this time in his life. Your family will be in our prayers.

Laura said...

Wholy bawl fest! I don't know them but this brought me to tears. SO much emotion and amazing memories you captured Liz! I feel like I was there you told the story to well. They will cherish these photos forever!!! Great job!!! Keep fighting baby Michael!!